Ideas related to the new Stargate TV-Show

Lately I’ve been thinking about a possible new series that could be created in the world of the Stargate.

I began to think about how the plot could be developed.
I came up with some interesting plot twists related to the Stargate.
The main influence on them was the information that the Tauri would create their own Stargate.
I immediately thought about expanding some areas that were closed or blocked so far and here are some of my comments.

Firstly… Tauri Gates are compatible with all known types of Stargates.

One planet, one active Stargate.
Nothing changes here however… Tauri are creative enough to have created a hub that redirected the connection to the gates located in a specific zone on Earth (similar to how telephone centrals/exchanges work).
This was possible because the Tauri created their own Stargate and moved the mechanism responsible for answering the call to a separate device called the “Central Hub (CH)”. The Central Hub is responsible for redirecting the incoming call to the appropriate Stargate among all those located on and around the planet, and for receiving and dialing an outgoing call.
The choice of the country was realized by selecting the appropriate code on the Tauri remote device.
Without choosing this code (default way), the connection was redirected to the military base at SGC where they monitored who wanted to get to Earth via the default connection (this can be further developed).

Iris on Earth’s Stargate.
It’s tempting to write that the iris became useless because now the connection is automatically disconnected if you don’t start the connection with a special code from a special controller or from Stargates from alliance list, but the iris is a cult element of the Stargate, so… the iris has now been deeply integrated with the gates and with the Tauri software for the Stargate (each gate has a built-in iris by default). By default, in the new gates, the iris is activated automatically at the stage of receiving connection information. The iris is only activated in those gates to which the connection leads from the CH (default gates or those chosen by incoming party if they know the code). The iris is activated automatically and only blocks the gates for audio and video calls (safety reason). For other connections, it can be turned off with a code and turned on by an eye scanner.

Gate size.
Tauri Stargates will be made in a standard size for any interested country but if necessary, gates will be created in the required size (unfortunately, this increases the power demand).

Modularity of the gates.
The Tauri have devised a way to create modular gates (based on the remains of the Ori’s Super Stargate).
Their size is determined based on the number of elements.
The connections between the modules are wireless, thanks to the “X-tooth” technology. X-tooth allows wireless communication between modules in space, making the Stargate similar to the Ori Super Stargate.

Stargate location.
The gates will be placed in strategic locations on Earth and in space at a distance greater than the Moon’s orbit. In this way, the Tauri will be able to transfer something to an alien planet and then send it into near-Earth space, making rocket journeys into space redundant for transporting satellites, astronauts, building materials, etc. The gates placed in space will be modular due to their size. Depending on the needs, they will be able to increase their dimensions using additional modules.
This will speed up the development of space technology and allow for the creation of additional defenses for the Earth (such as space forts – Honor Harrington fans will know what I mean 🙂 )

Cherry on top
The Tauri became the new “makers of the roads” after the ancient ones, deploying their own versions of Stargates in place of the original Stargates on allied planets.

What do you think about that?

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